Perception beyond the line of sight

What we do

TOM Robotics is an Austrian Deep-Tech Startup in the field of automotive and robotics. Our goal is to provide a cooperative perception service to OEMS and TIER1 that enables autonomous cars to share perception information to improve their safety, performance and perceived safety by the passengers in order to drive the acceptance of autonomous driving.

Our Technology

Our tech-stack contains application of newest technology and is a result of our ongoing research projects.

  • High Accuracy Positioning – We leverage high accuracy positioning services to globalize sensor data from connected vehicles in a way that they can be shared with other connected vehicles.

  • 5G Low-Latency Communication – All information is shared via 5G Low-latency communication protocols such that highly-dynamic information can be shared for decision making.

  • Trustworthiness – We maintain trustworthiness of the information shared with other traffic participants through our trust-building algorithms.


Cooperative Perception System

Our cooperative perception system increases the safety margin of autonomous systems by sharing all available sensor information from other connected vehicles in real-time.

  • Higher Safety Margin – Creating awareness of potential critical situations significantly increases the safety margin of autonomous vehicles due to the increased time for decision making and planning. Sharing even highly-dynamic object data increases the time to prepare for a situation and see what’s not yet seen.

  • Increased Driving Comfort – The increased planning horizon for the vehicle and more robust perception information increases the driving comfort for passengers since emergency brakes and significant direction changes can be minimized.

  • Easy to Integrate – Our Software library can be easily integrated into existing or new vehicles with 3GPP Release 16 and higher communication chipsets. No hardware changes in the vehicle necessary.

Discover The Future

TOM Robotics was founded in Graz, the heart of Styria’s vivid automotive cluster.

Our team is well equipped with founders from top-tier universities and strong ties to the TU Graz and ESA-BIC at Science Park Graz. The founders have experience in the automotive industry.

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